May 10, 2012

"Why Not?" Ideas from Around My House

I love updating things around the house with items I already have or using pieces in unconventional ways to mix things up a bit.  So today's post title "Why Not?" is just your house you can do whatever you want , I'm a big believer in whatever makes you happy looks good:)

1. I picked some beautiful blooms off a bush in our backyard last week but I didn't have a vase that looked right with the curve of the branch.  So I decided to search through the liquor cabinet and see what I could find in there.

The glass decanter above (a wedding present) was the perfect shape and size and made a very pretty "vase".

No idea what these are called, but almost two weeks after cutting them, these little flowers are still going strong!

2. I was so excited that Domino came out with a Quick Fixes specical edition of the magazine for all of us who have been missing the regular magazine.   Among all the lovely photos and inspiration, I came across this clever, zero comittment tip for updating a plain chair.

Simply fold a throw or in my case, a wide scarf, in half lengthwise and tuck it under the seat cushion in the front and back.  Now since my chair isn't against a wall you can see the back of the scarf...but I don't mind...for now at least.

3. And lastly, I was inspired by this post to get the flokati rug I had been wanting for Hadley's room, since she loves to lay soft things.  I had been looking online for a reasonably priced one but wasn't able to find one for less than $90.  So I decided to order a yard of white faux fur and see if this would give me the same look for a lot less $$.

I know Ikea has sheepskin rugs for $30 but they were small and kinda smelled, well like sheep:)  So for about $16 (with a 20% coupon code) I got a beautifully fluffy, snow white, 3x5 "rug" that looks super cute peeking out from under Hadley's crib. And it feels even better than it looks!

Everyone is loving it!

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