May 1, 2012

New Craft Table and Pink Chairs

As I mentioned here, we had been waiting to get Layla a craft/play table because the one we orginally wanted from Land of Nod was backordered.   But my Mom was able to track one down that was even better at Pottery Barn Kids - so she and my Dad got it for Layla for her 3rd birthday.

Now all we needed was a few chairs. 

I found these modern pink stacking chairs at Target online - on clearance!!

I love how they add an unexpected shot of pink to all the blues and yellows in the kids' library/living room.

Tea parties are more fun - now that everyone gets a seat!

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Debbie @ OtRD said...

Wow, from Target! I love them!!

andrea said...

I really wanted these chairs for my son (in white or espresso) and I had them in my shopping cart and then pouf! gone forever. Would you happen to be able to look and tell me a manufacturer name on the chair anywhere??? It would mean so much!!!

Kendra + Patricia said...

@andrea the chairs only say Target on the bottom no other info...sorry

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