June 19, 2012

DIY Paint Swirl Vases

Hi All!
Recently, after cleaning out a few of our cabinets, I realized I had a bunch of small vases that I forgot I had.  The two below have kind of a greenish tint so they just never looked right on anything....until now! 

I started by squirting a little craft paint into the vases and then shook and swirled and swirled some more.

I used Martha Stewart's craft paint in Pool (satin finish) and Gold (metallic finish).

I put plastic wrap over the top because I thought the paint would be flying but it was thick enough that this step wasn't necessary but probably a good idea anyway:)

Some of the paint got on the neck part of the vase - I just wiped that off with a dry paper towel.

The metallic was wasn't as thick as the satin paint...which you will see was not good.

This what the vases looked like right after I swirled the paint around.  I loved it!  I let them sit in the sun to speed up drying time.

Pretty outside and...


After about an hour or two I realized that the gold paint had almost all completely pooled on the bottom of the vase, only leaving a few streaks of gold on the inside.  I did not like the way that looked so flipped it over and let some the excess paint leak out, thinking that, once thinned out, it would stick and dry onto the sides.

A nice try but this didn't work either.  Lesson learned - no metallic paint in glass vases.

I'm happy with how the one below turned out.  And even though I won't be able to put real flowers in it, it will look cheerful with some fabric or dried ones.

I put the vase down next to these two magazines and noticed how well the summery colors on their covers matched. 
So I had to take a pic!

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