February 9, 2012

A Powder Room with Punch - Part 2

My last post was really photo heavy so I didn't want to over do it with lots of text too.  But here I'll give you the breakdown of what I spent money on for this project - there are a few things I used that we already had so that did not factor into my $50 budget since I didn't have to purchase them.

OK, let's start with the BIGGEST (and my favorite) part of this makeover - the gold dot walls!

I knew I wanted the dots to appear more like a pattern (like wallpaper) rather just randomly thrown up on the walls so starting at the top of the longest wall I made a straight line and measured how many dots would fit per line if I spaced them 3 inches apart. 

Once I completed the first line of dots all I did was start the next line one dot over from the left. Then once that was complete I just lined up the dots as I went down.

The spacing isn't exactly the same throughout the room but it's pretty darn close.  I didn't want to drive myself crazy my trying to measure every line.

Now for the accessories (aka everything else)! 

I made the "arrows" out of wooden dowels I painted gold and attached paint chip and wallpaper samples that I had cut into half ovals with a hot glue gun to each side.

I wanted to hide the exposed pipes underneath the sink and I knew the colors and pattern of this Michael Miller fabric would coordinate well with soft blue paint I used on the vanity.   I kept the same crystal knobs that had been there before.

I painted two Ikea spice racks gold to match the walls and used them as shelves.  I added a few pieces of art (top) a matted watercolor of feathers and a feather that I just drew and cut out.  (Bottom) two small prints of arrows, vintage horse show ribbons in red and pink and three little vintage horses.

The letter 'D' was a yard sale find that was originally silver, I mixed Persimmon Red and just plain red to get a bright color that would really contrast the busy pattern on the wall.  The deer hand towel was just the perfect color of mustard/gold.

What I bought:

(500) 3" Metallic Gold Stickers: $10.99
(1) Yard Michael Miller Fabric: $8.99
(4) Vintage Horse Show Ribbons (only used 2 here): $13.00 - Etsy
(3) Vintage Plastic Horses: $9.00 - Etsy
Martha Stewart Craft Paint in Yellow Gold: $1.99 - Michaels

TOTAL: $43.97 + $8.00 (approx. shipping) = $51.97

What I already had:

(2) Ikea Spice Racks: I bought (4) of these last summer thinking I would use them as forward facing bookshelves in Layla's room.  Now one of them sits here.

Large Letter 'D': Yard Sale a few years ago

Benjamin  Moore Paint in Summer Shower - got two pints of BM paint free when we moved with a coupon in a Pottery Barn catalog. 

Deer Hand Towel: Christmas Gift from my lovely Mom

Arrows: Already had the dowels and paper samples

Glad You Are Here Artwork: Made in Word and printed in color

Feather Watercolor: Gift - sorry can't find the link!

Colorful Arrows Print: I have had for a while - I cut it in half

Ikea Trash Can: was originally silver - painted it the same gold as the shelves

Hazel Atlas Frosted Satin Rose Tumblers: Gift from my Great Aunt when she downsized her home

OK, I think that's everything!!! Pin It


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Oooh, the dots are so fun! That would be really great for a kid's bathroom, too.

Christa Delgado Design Inc said...

great design for not a lot of money. I'll be sharing with my readers!

carolina postcard said...

Wow, what a wonderful idea! I can't remember how I found your blog, but so glad I did. What a pretty space!

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