August 13, 2012

Easy Tray Makeover


On a recent visit to my parents' house I found these Christmas/Winter themed trays that my Mom was planning to get rid of.  At first glance they are just uninteresting, plastic trays.  But I have seen a bunch of great tutorials on Pinterest lately for trays like these so I thought I would bring two of three home and see what I could come up with.

I knew I wanted to the larger square tray to go on the coffee table in our family room - to hold the remote, etc.  So I choose two prints that coordinated colorwise with the room.  One was a 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper with arrows the other was a roll of wrapping paper with an Orla Kiely-inspired print.  I ended up choosing the arrows mostly because I liked the colors and thought the print (more manly) would offset the prettiness of the colors a bit.

First, I flipped the paper over and traced the tray.  I left some extra on each side to account for the inside edges of the tray.

Next, I made a 2" slit through each corner so that when I flattened the paper onto the tray the corners would overlap and be flush against the sides.

You can see below how the two corners formed by the slit I made above mold into the each other.

Then I simply pushed the paper on the bottom of the tray and smoothed the edges all the way around.  Once it was even I trimmed the excess paper that was taller than the tray.

Next, I removed the paper and applied a thin lay of Modge Podge to the bottom and sides of the tray and then placed the paper form back in.  I used two heavy tiles to hold the paper down so there wouldn't be any air bubbles or puckering.

After about an hour I removed the tiles and began applying Modge Podge to the top of the paper.  I did a few thin coats to ensure that all the edges were glued down.   I allowed it to sit in the sun and dry for about three hours.

And now it sits on our coffee table looking all cute.

I repeated the same steps with the second tray (a smaller rectangular one) except this time I just cut out a print and Modge Podged the bottom.  I didn't worry about the sides. 

This guy is going in our guest bathroom so that overnight visitors have a safe place to put their jewelry and things.
YAY for an easy and instantly gratifying project!

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Mimi and Tilly said...

Lovely in every way. ♥

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