May 15, 2012

The Other Side of the Mantle

Hello All!

In this post I showed what our family looked like after putting the Expedit up.  And now I can (finally) show you the other side!

We actually made the "media center" out an old entertainment center. Scott cut the the entire top portion off, then I spray painted it Heirloom White and I added these vintage ring pulls.  I ended up painting them black to match the hinges.

I added some fabric and paper cover books and spray painted this vintage steer ice bucket (a purchase from Joy Cho's Spring cleaning on Copius) a bright turquoise.

The side table and console in our family room have similar ring pulls but I liked these because they were a bit more unique.

The pillows are all from Target and allow the top of the "media center" to be used at extra seating if needed.  As for the wall hanging, I drew the words on a piece of a white bed sheet, cut them out and then stretched it over an artist canvas that I had painted in Martha Stewart's Persimmon Red.  You might remember I have used that color here and here and here!

Loving the balance of both sides now.

Just hung a mirror on the wall next to the sliding door.  I felt that it was a little dark in that corner at certain times of the day so having something reflective over there has made a big difference.

Have a great day!!

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