September 6, 2012

Updating the Guest Bathroom

Updating the guest room's en suite bathroom wasn't a priority for me until I realized how just a few simple changes could make the room look so much better!

Before: (as in before we lived here)




I painted two wide horizontal stripes on the large wall to make it a little more interesting without the hassle of painting the entire wall. I added some flea market paintings and a few nautical touches (most left over from our wedding 6 six years ago) and that was that!
One other simple change I made was to cover the existing crystal globe cabinet pulls with white rope.
I just covered the knob in a thin layer of glue (so the rope with stick) and starting at the base wound it to a coil and then snipped the excess.

Works great with a towel ring too.  Although I didn't end up using these in the room.
So I guess I can check this room off my list - for now!
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1 comment:

Eyelah said...

nice makeover. It definitely looks much better

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