October 29, 2012

Our Front Porch Then & Now

I finally got around to decorating our porch just in time for a massive storm to come to town.  Oh well, it needed to be done and I'm loving the curb appeal. 

The porch wasn't the only thing that was dressed up...those hideously huge, bulbous bushes got clipped down by me and then stumps (well two of them so far) have been dug up and removed by Scott. So much happier with how open it looks and feels now. We also get a lot more light coming in through the front door.

I painted the outside of the door the same color as the inside of the door for some much needed brightness out there.  I moved one of the rugs from the deck out here and love that it covers up a lot of the porch floor (which is badly in need of paint job). I spray painted two terracotta urns oil rubbed bronze and added two yellow mums to each.  The glittery owl sitting on the wreath is from the dollar section of Target and has since been brought inside.

Happy Monday!!
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