November 6, 2012

Powder Room - Changes, Again

This post could also be titled - Why I Never Spend A Lot of Money.  I am constantly changing my mind about things in our home - the placement of a mirror, color of a vase or just the over all cohesion of one item with the rest of our home.  So I spend tons of time and thought into big purchases like furniture or rugs, but with the little things like art (photos or diy) I don't really dilly dally - if I like something I get it/make it knowing that it won't be long before I have my "what was I thinking" moment.

That recently happened with our powder room which you may remember from this post and this one too.  I thought it was so quirky and cute in the beginning but then I began to get tired of it - too many themes (non-themes) going on in such a small space.  That, and my sister had recently called me out for my sudden horse obsession.  So I knew it was a time for a mini makeover.

 Above: I got rid of the "arrows" I made to fill the vintage glasses and added these dried poppies, a pretty candle and a glass bottle of room spray.


 Above:  Gone are everything and anything horse related:) I replaced the feather art with a swan photo from Lonny's etsy site (looks like it is no longer open) and switched out the pair of arrow cards for pretty photos from this shop.  A mini glass vase with a single billy button, a brass grasshopper and another glass vase with a beaded flower make this room a bit more elegant and sophisticated.

 Above: I switched out the deer hand towel for these cute embroidered ones from Pottery Barn - got them for $5 - bu using a coupon + free shipping.

Above:  And lastly I got rid of the print I made and replaced it with this lovely one.  

Happier room = happier me:)

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Isobel Morrell said...

Little changes - big results! Nice one!

Lori said...

I didn't mean to be part of the reason for you changing your theme, I just didn't know you were such a horse enthusiast! :)

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