November 29, 2012

An Almost No-Sew Santa Suit Pillow

Thanksgiving was wonderful ~ lots of great food, lots of laughs, lots of family!!
Now Christmas is right around the corner!  I thought that it would be fun to create a pillow of just Santa's suit.  Actually I called it "almost no-sew" because the second time I made it, I used "Fabri-Tac," a permanent adhesive, which made the project so easy!

Supplies needed:
Two pieces 17" x 13" white twill cotton
Two pieces red felt 10" x 6"
One piece red felt 10" x 17"
Two pieces black felt 2" x 17"
3" x 3" square yellow felt
Two pieces white trim 9"
Sewing thread
Fabric-Tac (to avoid some of the sewing)

Pin the two 10" x 6" pieces of red felt to the top and side of one of the white twill fabrics.  You will have approximately 5 inches of white in the center.  Sew or glue the pieces in place.

Glue or hand stitch the white trim along the inside edges of the red felt.  Add one of the black felt pieces (Santa's belt) 2" from the bottom edge of the red felt.

Add the yellow buckle by either gluing or stitching.

Now for the back of the pillow.  Glue or stitch the 10" x 17" red felt to the second piece of twill.  Double check that the placement matches the front of the pillow ~ it should look like Santa complete suit!

Add the belt to the back; sew or glue.  Again, be sure that is the exact same spacing as the front.



With right sides together. pin the front and back of the pillow.  This is where you will have to sew!!
Using a 1/2" seam, sew the two pieces together leaving an approximate 8" opening along the bottom edge.

Clip the corners.

Turn right side out, squaring the corners.

Add a 12" x 16" pillow insert, and slip stitch the opening shut.


For this one, I embroidered Merry Christmas at the bottom.


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