February 21, 2013

Easy Airplane Art

Hello!  So, I had these little airplanes left over from Layla's Valentine's day cards.  For the last month, I had been wanting to switch out the snake print or (more accurately) a page ripped out of the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities book on our bedroom dresser.  I thought these colorful planes would be the perfect pick me up this spot needed. 

I had the frame, the planes and the map - swiped from our car's glove compartment - who needs a map when you have a built GPS and an iPhone - right?  Well that's what I think at least, we'll see what Scott has to say when he discovers it's missing!

First I measured the framed and cut a coordinating piece of the map and lined the inside.  Then, using white school glue, I attached 8 planes directly onto the glass front.


And here's how it looks on the dresser in our bedroom.  I still have more photos to share of this room and some updates to this post from last month - so be on the lookout!

And just in case you were wondering, the braid print is from here, the cardboard moose here, the buffalo photograph from here and Mr. Moose's bow tie is actually a Janie & Jack hair bow Layla received as a gift for her first birthday - I think he looks smashing in it!

Have a happy weekend!

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