March 11, 2013

Basement Gym Progress

We have a pretty big finished basement.  But until recently, it hadn't been used for much of anything but storage, then I began transforming it into a playroom for the girls and a home gym for Scott.  And while both projects are almost complete I thought I'd share the before and progress of Scott's gym today. I'm REALLY looking forward to sharing the playroom photos - hopefully next week!


I painted the cinder block walls with leftover Moonshine (used here and here) and then Scott installed dark gray interlocking foam flooring squares.  I wanted something bold on the large wall so I found this Mohammad Ali print and had it blown up at Staples for $6.  I love how black, white and neon look together so I used pink duct tape to adhere it to the wall.  The words are spelled out with left over duct tape from the garage countertops I made.  


Still working on the other side of the room and will take photos as soon as we get a sunny day!

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