March 21, 2013

Repurposed Anthropologie Sack

Two purchases I made recently from Anthropologie arrived in adorable zippered pouches.  They were way too cute to discard, but I really couldn't think of a use for them until I remembered how my little Layla and Hadley like to carry their "special treasures."  The perfect solution ~ little personalized carry bags for the girls. 
Today I am going to show what I did for Hadley; next week I will feature Layla's little bag.

My shower curtain arrived in this white pouch ~

I decided that a few pink flowers would brighten it.  I cut petals from solid pink and pink polka dotted cotton.  I was able to just fold in the bottom edges of the solid pink.

Since I wanted to be sure that the polka dots showed, I pinched the bottom of the remaining petals.

And pressed all of the petals so that they would remain folded.  Since the original petals on the bag were frayed, I kept mine the same.

I began randomly inserting the petals into the top of the existing flower.

Then I added the middle petals.  When I was satisfied with the placement, I hand tacked each petal at the top and bottom.

The middle still looked a little plain, so I decided to add a fabric covered button.

To make the bag special for Hadley, I appliqued an "H" using the technique I used for my Halloween place mats.

Hope my little girl finds lots of special stuff to store in her little bag!

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