April 23, 2013

A Cute "Catch All"

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Our family room coffee table sees a lot of action on daily basis.  It's where the girls store their blocks, a few books and other odds and ends that have accumulated over time.  So after another day of picking up little wind up toys, matchbox cars and other assorted goodies I decided that instead of trying to put these things back in their proper place that I would create a spot where I could just toss them and worry about putting them way away later.  But I needed a vessel to hold these that would be pretty and functional.  Enter this lovely Threshold bowl from Target.

You might remember this DIY tray I shared last summer.  Well it lasted a few months but once the girls started using it to serve tea it fell apart pretty fast!

Don't you just love when your magazine matches your decor?!: )
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