April 5, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Friday - Cloud Pillow

I have wanted to try making a cloud pillow, so when I saw the diy on Sew4home.com, I just had to give it a try. 

In place of using the minky eyelash fabric, I choose to go with the chenille that I often use for the pillows I sell on Etsy ~ just love the softness!

Since I couldn't find large graph paper, I made my own 1" square grid ~ and that did take me some time!

Next, I used the pattern provided on the site to make the 22" pillow.  Notice all of the erasure marks ~ guess graphing was never my strong point ):

Once that was done, I cut out the fabric ~ chenille for the front and a pretty blue cotton for the back.  Caution:  be sure to cut with right sides of the fabric together or your fabrics will be backwards when you put them together to sew.

I decided that my cloud needed a face, so I appliqued eyes, eyebrows, and a small smile. 

I sewed the two sides together using a 1/2" seam leaving about 8" along the bottom for turning and stuffing.

I used a chopstick when I turned the fabric right side out to be sure to get all of the cloud's curves, and pressed.  Once I stuffed and slip stitched the bottom, I couldn't help smiling.

Love the finished product!  ♥

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