April 7, 2013

Layla in Wonderland - Birthday Recap Part 1

Hello!  Last weekend was Layla's BIG 4th birthday party.  When it comes to party planning I always want to make sure that the theme is something the girls are really into.  You may remember Layla's request for a rainbow party last year - this year she was all about Alice in Wonderland.  And I was super excited because that has always been one of my favorite movies!

I started with the invitation.

I fell in love with the cover of this book so I scanned it and simply made a few changes in Gimp.

Then the decor.  Since the theme itself is so whimsical I wanted to keep all the decorations really playful and bright with lots of raspberries, pinks and blues.  And, of course, lots of quirkiness!

The rose and flamingo fabrics were my starting off point. Layla and I made the Mome Raths out of popsicle sticks.
 I found the googly eye rings at Michaels and decided to use them as napkin rings.  And I made the girls drink cups out of plastic bottles, paper that I frayed and rose washi tape

We had great weather the day of the party and we were outside a lot.

The porch...looking more festive than usual!

The Mome Raths greeted our guest from the mulch.

We haven't had anything in these urns since our mums died in November.  So I bought two big green rubber balls from Target and glued on white roses that I dipped in red food coloring to celebrate painting the roses red!

I made the garland out of paint samples that I cut out with a circle punch and then folded over and glued onto a string.

Our bunny fit right in with our theme - he's just missing his pocket watch!

Lots of running around before tea and cake!

I'll post Part 2 tomorrow (fingers crossed) there are just so many details and photos I didn't want to overload you!!

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