May 31, 2013

Found Friday - Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Our weekend at the shore was fun, but the weather did not permit trips to the beach.  As a result, four little toddlers needed to be kept entertained.  So I thought it would be a good idea to have an array of activities ready for the future ~ as they say: "It is better to be prepared!"

Here are a few that I am going to add to my "Busy Box":

Sponge Bombs ~ I think the adults would enjoy this one too (:
                                                 Water Pistol fun ~ get ready for the arcade!

                                            Ice Excavating ~ a great way to keep cool too!

                                           A pretty play puddle ~ Layla would love this!

  And, of course, bubbles ~ the bigger the better!
Hope you found a few favorites too!  ♥

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