June 27, 2013

Craft Room Wall Decor

As I mentioned before the wall above my craft area was empty.  And since I send so much time at my sewing machine, it needed decorating!  It was important to me to use items I made or items that were made especially for me.

My choices:

Two samplers that I had stitched many years ago
The sweet needlepoint dress I mentioned here
My Simplicity patterns
A map of NJ with a "heart" on the city where we live made by Kendra
And, lastly, a pretty swirled tree that picks up all of the colors in the room

Before I hung any of them, I made outlines of each frame on paper.  I even marked the nail holes.

Using painter's tape I arranged the paper collection on the wall. 

I could rearrange to my heart's content!

Now I have a view that just makes me happy!

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