July 18, 2013

Stamping Help from Mr. Clean

Hi and sorry for the lack of posts on my part.  We just got back from two weeks away (5 days with two sick kiddos) and I am just now coming up for air!  I have lots of stuff to show you from my thrifting and yard sale excursions - but I'll save those for next week.  Today I thought I'd show you an easy way to update boring pillows, wrapping paper or even a wall!
Triangles seem to be the new chevron so when I was thinking about the kind of pillows I wanted for the two chairs at the girls' craft table in the basement playroom I thought those would look cute and modern stamped in black on these old Ikea pillow slipcovers.
All you need a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, craft paint (+ a fabric medium if you plan to wash the pillow) and scissors.

I traced a triangle shape onto the Magic Eraser and then cut it out - I had enough to make two triangles.  Squirt a little paint onto a plate and then dab the shape into the paint.  Make sure you test the shape on a piece of paper or paper towel to make sure you like the coverage.

I dipped my shape in a few times - I liked the way the coverage varied from triangle to triangle. 

Below is how they look on the chairs...easy project that took about ten minutes!

I also tried stamping on paper (with a chevron-like shape!) with two colors of paint this time.

Repeat the same steps as pillow stamping.

This would be fun to do on craft paper for pretty DIY wrapping paper.

Have a lovely Thursday all!!

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