May 19, 2013

Playroom Makeover - Part 2

Hello All!  A few weeks ago I shared the photos of the finished basement playroom project/makeover I had been working on.  But that was just half (well more like three quarters) of the story!  The other side of the basement - the area in front of the sliders and next to Scott's gym needed some work too.  I wanted this area to include some things that were special to Scott and I, as well as incorporating a craft space for the girls (and me).  I didn't want to spend a lot of money or time on space so I made made or re-used almost everything you see.  I'll follow this post up next week with a few tutorials and item sources.

Here is the BEFORE photo of this area (as in before we lived here):

More wood paneling that I oddly don't hate.  We had considered painting it but after hanging colorful art on it I liked the way it looked - like rustic cabin meets playful??!

Here is the AFTER:


Here is the BEFORE of the large paneled wall on the right:

And the same wall AFTER:

I love how the colors in the scalloped paint card garland I made match perfectly with the World Cities calendar I used as wall art.

Last one - Shelves closest to the slider BEFORE:


My craft storage/work area.  I backed the shelves with wrapping paper - like I did here - and now I can work on orders for my shop while Layla and Hadley play close by.  I found the vintage crotcheted rug on etsy!

A few more shots of this now more colorful and functional little area - I love it!

Small craft space for Layla and Hadley.  Stocked and ready with art supplies.
I made those pillows in about 10 minutes.

An corner to display of the girls' artwork.
Shelves with some of Scott's books and collections.
The military portrait was a thrift store find!


My super easy DIY bear rug.
Enjoying the view.
What do you think?

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