April 11, 2013

Layla in Wonderland - Birthday Party Recap Part 2

OK, so I didn't make get this post (or myself) together enough to post Tuesday like I had hoped so today I'm sharing the second half of Layla's birthday party with all the fun details and DIY goodness!

We moved the girls' craft table into the kitchen for the party.  I wanted them to be the focus so their tea party was right in the middle of the room.   I used two sets of china (one of my and one of my mom's) and then mixed them together.  I used our "fancy" silverware and put the tea sandwiches out on tiered trays.

The girls enjoyed raspberry lemonade (in the bottles I made) fruit in cupcake liners and tea with sugar cubes (I used red food coloring and painted a heart on each one) you can kind see them in the photo above.


So since the tea party took over the kitchen I had all the food for the parents in the dining room.  I borrowed a floral tablecloth from my mom - Pottery Barn from about 6 years ago that I love!  And used a bunch of trays and serving pieces from Target and Crate and Barrel.

I found these ornate little frames in the dollar bins at Michaels and used them to let guests know what was available for lunch.

The plates and napkins in Target's party section fit the party's color palette perfectly!

The drink station was located on the kitchen island so guests could help themselves.  I found the pink and blue topped carafes at Target and knew they would be perfect for iced tea (I made mint and peach) and used a pitcher for the honey lemonade.   The striped straws are also from Target - I usually buy these on Etsy (that's where the girls' straws are from) but these were so cheap and colorful I could pass them up!  Oh and I made labels for the water bottles - that's seems to be becoming a tradition with me:)

View from the living room into the dining room.  The "garland" is just leftover scraps from my pom flower making that I simply draped over a string.

Ahh the best part - THE CAKE!!  Chocolate and vanilla inside with chocolate frosting (Layla's fave) with an Alice falling into the rabbit hole cake topper that I spent a loooong afternoon making. 

My big 4 year old!  Her yellow polka dot dress was a gift from Aunt Lori - she looked so stinkin' cute in it!

Above is a close up of the cake topper (made with two paper bowels, a coffee filter, salt dough (for the legs) and blue food coloring.  The top hat headbands I made for each of Layla's friends were just holiday headbands from Michaels dollar bins, this paper, some white  and hot glue.

Sisters enjoying the cake!
Hadley wearing her top hat - for a few minutes at anyway!

The party favors were plantable wildflower confetti that I put into these cute chalkboard labeled vials from Target.  With all the candy (in our Easter egg hunt) and everything I wanted the favor to be something fun and sugar free!

We all had a wonderful day in Layla's Wonderland!  The weather was gorgeous which keep us all outside most of the time and the girls loved the yarn hunt that each girl followed to the basket leading them to the egg hunt.  So much fun!
Layla told me is was the best party ever - which made all the planning, making and stressing over the little things more than worth it!!
 Happy Thursday!

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zerry ht said...

Superb wonderland birthday bash! I adore entire decorations. Even my kids are a fan of this theme. I would like to host an indoor party at local venue Houston TX on my twin’s birthdays. Hey, could you share some DIY craft ideas too for decorations?

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