April 12, 2013

A "Night in" Marrakesh and Gratitude

I have been a big supporter, champion and cheerleader of Etsy for the last five years.  I can remember the day I discovered it - after tyring to get some inspiration for Layla's nursery on Flickr.  After I started clicking through all the handmade and vintage goodness and I kept thinking - how did I not know about this?!  Then I proceeded to tell every creative person I knew that they needed to get on their and start selling their stuff!  My Mom, Jenny, me and my Dad all eventually became sellers.   And while I love the creative outlet selling gives me what I love even more is all the amazing connections I have made with other shop owners and customers from all over the world, in my own backyard and everywhere in between.

The basket! 

Which brings me to the reason for my post today.  As one of the room parents for Layla's preschool class, I was tasked with putting together a basket for her school's Annual Benefit's silent auction.  The theme of this year's event was Around the World and each class was asked to make a basket featuring one international city-- we were assigned Marrakesh.  I'll admit at first I was bummed we didn't get Paris because I already had a bunch of ideas for that city but I soon found that Marrakesh (Morocco City) had a lot of inspiration to offer!  I quickly decided that our class basket would featured mostly handmade items that were unique and one of kinda mixed with some more "practical" items too.

I had a small budget since the basket was being funded by contributions from the parent's of Layla's classmates.  So I knew for the kind of items I wanted (and fell in love with) I would need to make a plea to a few shops to offer a discount or free shipping.  Let me tell you, I was overwhelmed by the generous reception I received and I wanted to share a few of the lovely Etsy shops that helped make our class basket the best of them all (in my opinion!).

I contacted Janice from La Rue de Fleurs about the Moroccan Floral quilt pictured below.  I knew immediately that the pretty colors and coziness of it was just what the basket needed.  Janice was very helpful and supportive of our fundraising effort.  I didn't realize until after I made the purchase that I was her first sale on Etsy!  I know I certainly won't be her last!
This quilt was gorgeous! So well made and the colors and fabrics were amazing!

When I came across Amy's shop I thought the print on these coasters would be a great addition to the basket since I had already purchased four Henna Dot glasses from Pier 1.  Amy did a beautiful job - these coasters are almost too pretty to cover up with a glass!

The pattern is so vibrant and delicate!

Dominion Design was the first shop I contacted when I started working on the basket.  I thought this elephant candle holder was so whimsical and fun it would be a great statement piece for the basket.
And when I received it (the day after I ordered it !!) I was thrilled with the quality of it.

Isn't he great!?!

And of course, I couldn't put together a handmade basket of goodies without hitting up my wonderful Mom for a donation.  I picked out the fabric (a black and white trellis print) and she worked her magic.  Plain pillows aren't the kind she usually sells in her shop so I thought I would share a few of my favorites she currently has listed.

Chevron and a giraffe - need I say more?
Sleep bunny cuteness.
Pink and gray and elephants!

Well that was an epic post but I needed to share these wonderful shops with all of you! Have a  great weekend! And thank you again to all my new Etsy friends!!
Kendra Pin It

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