August 22, 2013

Bubble Wrap Stamped Floor

Hi and happy Thursday!! One of the questions I received after our house tour on Design Mom was about how much input Scott has on design decisions around the house.  My answer : Our kiddos have free reign on the things in our house I pretty much have free reign when it comes to putting them there, or painting them, or cutting them down (bushes, trees…I am dangerous with pruning shears!) Scott never knows what he is going to come home to and sometimes doesn’t notice the things I have done for days – we had a BRIGHT YELLOW front door for a full three days before he said something: ) So while I’m not tearing down walls or rewiring anything – I do almost everything else – before he gets home…which makes it that much easier!

This isn't to say that Scott doesn't have opinions on house-related decorating, he's actually really great at helping me edit, but he trusts me and and likes the style I have created that there's no need to consult him on everything.   Like take for instance the garage.  I did a complete makeover on it for his birthday last year and he loved it so I felt pretty comfortable tackling the the floor in there knowing he might shake his head at my "process" but in the end, would be A-OK with the final product.

So with that intro, I'll share one of the biggest projects I've taken on in awhile - bubble wrap stamping the garage floor.


I was so sick of looking at the stained concrete floor that I finally decided that paint was the answer. 


Even if it's only temporary painting seem liked an easy, fast and inexpensive way to improve the look of the floor.  While at the same time adding my own personal touch!
 I used a color sample of Benjamin Moore paint (no idea what color this was - light gray) and gathered up all the perforated strips of bubble wrap I could find.

I coated each section of bubble wrap in a thin layer of paint (to avoid blotches - which happened in some spots) with a paint brush and pressed each section onto the concrete.  I let the sections sit for a few minutes which made for a cleaner print when I pulled it off.

I ended up make two passes over the entire floor with the bubble wrap coated in white paint for a more filled in look.  As you can see above, pressing the bubble wrap over an already stamped  section made for pretty flower-like designs!

So after all that stamping this is what I was left with - well this and a very, very sore back:)

It was an improvement (in my book) but still looked a bit plain (and blotchy - oh well).  So I decided to add some color and shape to the circle pattern by stamping lines of triangles in between each row the bubble wrap.  

I used the same method I used here (this time with a regular kitchen sponge) to created the yellow and bright blue triangles.

Once the stamping was over (finally) I was able to take it all in - and I was really happy with the end result!

The new painted floor makes for a more happier colorful space for the girls to play in and is much less of an eyesore for me!!

 Have a lovely day!!
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