August 23, 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Pottery with Sculpey Clay

Sculpey clay was a new product for me.  And since I had never taken a pottery class, the idea of making clay items in the kitchen ~ no kiln necessary~ sounded fascinating.
Recently Kendra, Layla, and I were together and decided to give it a try. 

Products needed:
Sculpey clay
lace to make your design (if you want to add texture)
 a cookie cutter (Layla made a great bunny)
 rolling pin


What we did:
On a Silipat, we rolled out small pieces of the clay.  I learned not to roll it out less than 1/4"

We used small cup (Layla used a cookie cutter) to make our shapes.  We added the texture from the lace. 

For a small jewelry bowl, we shaped the rounded piece into a shallow bowl.  Layla's bunny was kept flat.

We baked according to the directions on the package.
Once the pieces were cool, we removed them carefully.

Kendra added our small bowls to a bright and fun collage ~

And Layla's adorable bunny was framed and included on a new gallery wall.

It would be a fun project to use with children, and the finished products would make great gifts.

Happy Weekend! ♥

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