September 3, 2013

Girly Face Planters

Ugggg Summers over - boo!  But on the other hand Layla had her meet and greet with her preschool teacher and seeing how excited she was to be playing with all her little friends made me a little less sad about the end of another great summer.

I know in one of my last posts I mentioned having lots of projects to post here and I do - I just have been really computer phobic these last few weeks - trying to check off everything on our summer to do list and relax somewhere in between.  But now with Layla in school and Hadley too  I will have some more "me" time to spend on here with all of you!

OK, quickly today I thought I would share the two newest additions to my etsy shop:

Curly Girl Face Planter

Wavy Girl Face Planter

You may remember my handsome man face planter and my obsession with the indoor "garden" Emily created for Bri so when we were heading home from the shore we stopped at this little farm stand and these two ladies just needed to come home with me.  I'm selling them to spread the quirkiest around!

Happy Tuesday!
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