August 1, 2013

A Face Planter

Ha! No, this is not a post about me falling on my face - which I might add has not happened in the last week.  This is a post about love at first sight.  Seeing something and knowing it belonged with you and that all it needed was a little TLC, or in the case, lots of white spraypaint!

I have been obsessed with the photo below since Emily revealed the makeover she did on Bri's Silver Lake apartment.  I love the light, the colors and oh man did I LOVE that face planter!

photo by Laure Joliet

So over during our 4th of July vacation, Scott and I were shopping at a local farmer's market in LBI (Beach Haven to be exact) and I saw this guy as soon as we walked in.  I quickly scooped him up into my arms -I didn't see any others so I assumed he was the last one left - wrong! He was, however, the last one like this!

The Before!
I carefully buckled him into Layla's carseat (yes) and drove him back to the house.  I was excited to show him off to everyone but no one seemed to think he was much to look at.  That is until he was covered in glossy white spraypaint. 

Ta Da!

This handsome fella now resides on the side table in our family room.  And this weekend, I found the perfect leafy (partial sun) plant to complete him. 

A very happy day to you!
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Eyelah said...

I love the after. It looks way better in white.

k3 said...

He is so handsome! ;). LOVE IT!

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