September 6, 2013

Found Friday - FreeCycle + Bathroom Wallpaper

Hi there and happy Friday!  I'm in the midst of cleaning/purging/storing toys and clothes now and stumbled upon FreeCycle when I was looking for a place to donate some items.  It works a lot like Craigslist's free section except it's divided up into communities which makes it much easier to find and give things to people who are in your area.  

I decided while checking out other members' "wants" that I would try it out for myself since we have been looking for a large unframed mirror to replace the small square one in the girls' bathroom.  So I posted a quick "want" listing and within 4 hours had two responses from really sweet people who were happy to measure and coordinate pick up times with me!

I'm hoping that this mirror will help push this never ending makeover into the finished zone.  I wallpapered the room two weeks ago and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done!  But it looks pretty great.  Sneak peek below!

I'm hoping that once the new mirror and lighting is up this room will be considered officially finished!!
Have a great weekend!!

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