September 30, 2013

Paper Mache Time

Hi there and happy Monday!  Do you ever have one of those days when you are just itching do something creative - that you have never done before?  Well, for me that happened two weeks ago, and an hour later I found myself wrist deep in flour glue!

I mentioned a few times that I have been slowly (but happily) collecting items for Hadley soon-to-be big girl room.  I wanted to make something whimsical for her and asked what her favorite animal was - her answer "unicorn"!  That sounded good to me so I began searching Pinterest for inspiration and as well as a not too complicated tutorial when I came across this post - that had a both!  I made a few tweaks here and there - my horn isn't as cone shaped and I choose to cover my unicorn in a layer of pretty tissue paper (in colors that coordinate with Hadley's room) instead of torn book pages.

Here's the end result!!

Cute right?  I was pretty proud of myself after this guy turned out so well so I asked Layla if there was an animal she would like for her room.  "Flamingo"!  Of course.  For this one I had to come up with my own design. 

I used a cardboard tube, that our outdoor rug came rolled on, and some painter's tape to get the shape I wanted. 

Then I followed the same steps I used for the unicorn and covered the form in gluey paper towels.

After it was all dry is was time to pick out paint colors!

Some, pink, gold and a pair of washi tape eyes. 

I will take more pictures once these are both hung in the girls' rooms!
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