October 18, 2013

A Coloful Gallery Wall

Hi there and happy Friday!!  Today's post is one of those projects I completed awhile ago, but just have taken forever to photograph and edit. 

The bare wall next to the stairs leading upstairs was begging for some color and a little bit of love - and after I was finished with it - it got both!  I added favorite photos and mementos, using thrift store frames, some colorblocked in pastels others in solid gold, blue and pink.  I also included some vintage finds from Scott's childhood that I fell in love with after a search of his parent's basement earlier this summer, as well as some of the girls artwork - of course!.

I used the same layout plan that my Mom used here to ensure the spacing was right and to make hanging easier - just a nail through the top of each piece of paper!


Once I was confident with the layout I whipped out the hammer got to work!

Lots to hang - not all made it! A little blurry - sorry: )



The view going up.

And the view coming down.

My favorite photo of Scott, b/w of the girls, vintage watercolor from thrift shop, the cutest pair of little bird scissors (found in Scott's stuff) Layla's artwork, Hadley's baby belly, a vintage game piece and sun art made with leaves to represent each one of us.

Instagram of Layla, Hadley's paint pressed handprint, the girls' first shoe and a family of vintage dominoes ( 

My cute feather princess Hadley, and mini cars from Scott's stuff - I flipped a small painter's canvas over and hot glued them into it!

Layla's paint pressed handprint, a vintage embroidery hoop and this portrait print, neon pink half moon "art" by yours truly - I will post the simple instructions for that next week!

My gorgeous Mom holding Hadley in the hospital and this piece of art (reminded me of Layla and Hadley).

A vintage clipboard serves as the frame for the pretty (and appropriate) print from here.
So happy every time I go up and down the stairs (about 100 times a day) to see all these special photos, memories and colors.  Love that I will be able to update and change out the pictures and other items as the girls get older and as I find new pretty things to showcase!

Have a lovely weekend!
xo!Kendra Pin It

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