October 21, 2013

Satin Flower Pillow

Another title for this post could be "Bridesmaid Dress Make-Over"! I kept looking at the beautiful dress that was worn in Kendra's best friend Jenny's wedding.  The beautiful satin texture and the soft pink color seemed just right for a rose pillow.  And what a great way to remember a wonderful day!

The lovely dress~

What I did~
My pillow insert was a 14" circle, so I cut two circles 14 1/2"
This shows a white and gray circle, but I ended up changing to two white circles.

I cut the fabric into 8" strips.

I folded the pieces in half and ironed.  Using the longest stitch on my machine, I basted about 1/2" from the raw edge.  Using my pinking shears, I cut off all of the excess.

Slowly I pulled the thread to make the fabric ruffle.

Beginning at one end, I pinned the ruffle about 1" from the edge of one of the circles.  I continued this process until I had the entire circle covered.  And I did find that I needed to adjust several times especially when I got to the center. 

Using small stitches, I tacked the flower to the circle.
With right sides together I sewed the two circles together leaving a 3" opening.

I turned the flower right side out, inserted the pillow, and stitched the opening.

The result was sweet and pretty ♥

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