October 28, 2013

A Fabric Covered Bench

Hi there!  So the little bench below has been sitting in our basement for awhile.  I took it from my parent's house last Summer - where it had been sitting in their attic since it was no longer being used as a "prop" in their former countrified décor.  I had planned to paint a bright color at first but then, after seeing this post last month, decided to go the easy low commitment route.  Fabric scraps!

This project was simple and all I used was strips of fabric - cut in varying lengths/widths and a glue stick.  I wrapped the strip around the bench - section by section - and glued the ends directly onto the wood.  Using a glue stick (one from Layla's art kits) was the perfect way to make sure the fabric would hold but also that it would be easy to remove should I want to change the fabric or eventually paint the whole thing.

Hadley approved!


Happiness in mini bench form!!

Kendra Pin It

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