October 11, 2013

Pretty Painted Glass Planter

Hello and happy Friday!  We are currently in the middle of a never-ending rainstorm here in Maryland - hope the skies are sunny and clear where you are!

Awhile ago I saw this cute DIY project that Jenny did on her blog (one of my absolute favorites) and decided that our computer desk could use a little life and color so I tried it out for myself.

I started with a small glass vase, a few rocks, neon red craft paint and a velvet leaf succulent.

I coated the inside of the vase with a thick layer of paint and let the extra drip and dry at the bottom.

After allowing a full day for drying, I added the rocks to the bottom of the vase (for drainage) and then carefully placed the plant inside.

Now I have some color and a pretty plant to liven up my desk!

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