November 18, 2013

Brightening Up the Stairs

Hello!  I shared pretty photos of the girls' playroom here and here but what I didn't share was the staircase leading down to the basement.  Mostly because it was dark and dungeony-looking and I knew it was going to take me awhile to brighten it up.  But now, a few month later, after lots of glossy white paint and Advil I was able to transform the walls and stairs into an entrance befitting the lovely basement playroom it leads to. 



I love Shel Silverstein and the line above is part of  his poem 'Invitation'.

I made the tassel garland out of neon twine from Lowes and the mini airplanes from map paper from my Etsy shop.

Definitely a huge improvement! Amazing how white paint can make a space feel so much bigger and lighter!
Tomorrow I will share the view going up the stairs - one word  - ombre!

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