November 25, 2013

Celebrating Billy

Hello and happy Monday!  It's been a crazy busy two week for us around here.  Last weekend we made the journey to New Jersey to say goodbye to my sweet Aunt Margie and this weekend we made the trek back to NJ for a much happier reason - to celebrate the outstanding, amazing, (annoyingly great) accomplishments of my brother, Billy.

Billy was inducted into our high school's athletic hall of fame on Saturday night.  Now you might think, big deal - high school hall of fame...but you don't know our high school.  Star athletes with record-breaking performances are the norm not the exception.  So to be included in this elite "club" is a major honor in our small town where sports are everything. 

I won't go into all the accolades my brother collated in his illustrious high school career, but will say I was a proud big sister during the two years we were in high school together.  He became a person other people looked up to and respected even though he was younger than most of those people.  He was a natural leader and gained the admiration of his teammates and coaches alike.

As part of the ceremony of Saturday, Billy was required to give a brief 3-5 minute acceptance speech.  It was eloquent, thoughtful and I pitied the inductee who had to go after him.  Like in most things my brother has done in his life - he set the bar high for all those to come after him.

Congratulations again Billy! A well-deserved honor for an amazing person, athlete, brother and friend!

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