November 20, 2013

Sweet "Turkey" Treats

Yesterday Layla came home from school with a note from her teacher ~ it seems that Layla had volunteered to bake a "turkey cake" for her class's Thanksgiving feast.  Nothing could change her mind!  After all, as she said, "all you need is sugar and vanilla"!
So I thought I would browse for some options that might work, and I found some fun and creative ideas.

                                       Who could resist Oreo cookies and peanut butter cups?

                                                       Chocolate pretzel turkey, anyone?

                                             a turkey cupcake using a Silhouette studio tutorial

                                                      a turkey cupcake display
                                                 Turkey cupcakes ~ Martha Stewart style

                                                     and a cool turkey cake!

Well, I hope that Layla finds one that will work.  If not, get out the sugar and vanilla, Kendra!! ♥

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