December 16, 2013

Showcasing A Very Special Collection

Hi!  I've recently been working on finishing up the stair gallery wall on the small space opposite the gallery wall I shared here.  I added a few photos and artwork but I also wanted to include something that would pay tribute to my beautiful Aunt Margie.

One of my favorite memories of spending time with my aunt was going through all of her jewelry.  She never pierced her ears so I was able to try on her clip-on earrings which instantly made me feel like a grown up!  Most of the jewelry she owned was costume jewelry - bright pieces with lots of beading and details without the expensive price tag.  And since I was lucky to inherit a few of those vintage pieces, I decided to make this special piece to add to our family's growing gallery wall.

I started with the earrings, hair accessories a shadow box frame.

Once I came up with a layout I liked, I used a hot glue to attach the jewelry to the back of the frame and that was it!

 I made sure to hang it in a spot that I would look at every time I went up and down the stairs.  It's a pretty daily reminder of a very special aunt.

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