December 13, 2013

Leather and Nailhead Trim and Free

Hello!  Those three words don't usually go together but in today's case they do - lucky for me!  Occasionally I like to troll Craigslist's free section - just to see what kind of items people are getting rid of and want nothing for except to make said items disappear from their house as soon as possible.  Scott and I have used the free section on CL before to get old couches out of our first house before new couches arrived.  For us, having someone move and haul them away was worth way more than the couches themselves.  So for that reason I like to see what other people list.  And once in awhile I score something pretty amazing. 

Case in point, a leather and brass nailhead trimmed bank chair from the 1960's.  It was in pretty great shape, just need a good cleaning and I replaced the fabric on the underside and she (he?) was good to go.

Loving the masculine vibe this chair brings to the living room/kids' library since there are  a lot feminine touches and colors abound - but hey girls are the majority here:)

Oh and the new rug in this room - the best!  Plush and bright and just what this room needed.  Sold the old chevron rug on - you guessed it CL -  earlier this week!

Kendra Pin It

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