February 11, 2014

Impractical Presents are Indeed the Best Presents

Hi!  So a few years ago, either on my birthday or Christmas I decided that I would only request gifts that would make me smile/giddy/ridiculously happy - aka impractical non-necessities. Before this epiphany I use to scour the web looking for just the right pair of socks (I never seem to have any) or an efficient steam mop or a modern gravy boat.   And while all these things are nice and great to have and make me feel like an adult they don't really make me happy.  Thus, the new rule of asking for (when asked, of course) gifts I would 1) never buy for myself  and 2) really really want and in no way need.

Today, I'm sharing two examples of this type of gift.  Now let me preface this by saying it probably killed my Mom to give me gifts like this.  She would rather I asked for nice clothes or shoes or something like that. Things that I wouldn't splurge on myself (mostly because I don't care that much about clothes or shoes) but that makes a little more sense than the two things I asked for from her this past Christmas.  And shockingly she delivered on both my requests much to my surprise and maybe hers too: )  So while my brother asked for a roasting pan or a dutch oven and my sister high thread count sheets, I the older (wiser?) sister asked for....... a gold mounted unicorn head and a watercolor print of a variety of ice cream cones.  Because, why not?!

I love them both so very much. Yay for gifts that serve no other purpose other than making the recipient happy happy happy!
Thanks Mom!

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