February 13, 2014

Fabric Transfer Tea Towel

I have written about my "strangely obsessive" love for tea towels here and here.  Now that I am stuck inside due to another snow storm, I decided to try a different technique for making one.

I purchased Avery Fabric Transfer paper and found a design that I liked from clip art.  I pasted the design to Word, and printed it using the directions given with the paper.  Just remember, if you are using letters, print backwards using the "iron on transfer" setting on the printer.

I cut my fabric 18" x 28".  I made a 1/2" fold on each raw edge, pinned to my ironing board, and press on a cotton setting.

To make a clean edge, I folded another 1/2", pinned, and pressed.  Now I sewed each with a 1/4" seam.

To add a little additional color, I pinned single fold bias tape 3" from my bottom edge leaving an overlap of 1/2" on each end.

Now I was ready to add my transfer.  I followed the directions on the package carefully.

I topstitch the bias tape using yellow thread, but I kept white thread in the bobbin folding under the extra on each end.

I carefully pulled the paper away from the transfer.

And, I have a lovely new tea towel!  ♥

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Kendra + Patricia said...

you mean MY lovely new tea towel: )

Kendra + Patricia said...
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