May 9, 2014

Hadley's Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

Hi!  Every year in January, once the hoopla of the holidays has past, I ask the girls what kind of birthday parties they would like that year.  My favorite part of this annual ritual is hearing their initial response and all of their crazy ideas.  I also love that it gives me plenty of time to plan, research and buy things, and it gives all something to look forward throughout the long winter.

This year Hadley requested a unicorn party - you might remember her love of unicorns from this post so I wasn't surprised at all.  Her sweet party went off without a hitch last weekend - we had great weather, friends and family here to celebrate with her and a big yummy chocolate cake!  Below are lots (and lots) of photos from her big day!

I used a lot from Oh Joy's Target line again, but this time I mixed in a few others like the spring flower plates and added the party hats (unicorn horns) and noise makers.

The ceramic horse, which served as a centerpiece for the kids' table, was a Goodwill find that I transformed into a unicorn by adding a little paper horn (made with scrapbook  paper and glue)!

Lunch was simple, hot dogs, mac and cheese, Asian chicken salad and P&J on mini bagels.

 The biggest hit of the party, with the kids and adults alike, was the popcorn cones.  They were exciting enough to keep to the kids occupied until everyone arrived and tasted pretty good too!!

To make them I just wrapped up and glued sheets of scrapbook paper into cone-like shapes and filled them with this good and good for you popcorn!!

 After everyone was finished eating lunch we headed to the family room for a little Pin the Horn on the Unicorn - Hadley won!

Then, after a bit more playing and running around it was time for cake.  Four layers of different chocolate varieties, vanilla icing and a unicorn.  The unicorn was a plastic figurine that we found in Scott's childhood toy boxes when we visited his parents last summer.  The girls have been playing with ever since and it was perfect for the top of the cake.  I added some cotton candy clouds and made the little Hadley bunting and dots out of fondant.

 The birthday girl!


 A few  details...lots of flowers....bubbles (wrapping removed and flower added!) and on the back of Hadley's chair I hung two of the party hats and added a tissue flower to each - something special for the birthday girl.
I bought a bunch of wood necklace sets from Michaels for the kiddos to make.


And we filled goodies bags with unicorn coloring sets, spiral lollipops and mini pinwheels.

It was a great day filled with the people I love - especially this brand new three year old!
 Can't wait to start planning next year's parties!!

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