February 19, 2015

Sewing Patterns for an American Girl Doll

Wow ~ it is frigid here in the Northeast!!!! Perfect time to stay warm indoors and sew!
For Christmas we gave Layla an American Girl doll ~ matching her eye and hair color perfectly.

But when I took a look at the price for the clothing, I was astonished ~ $40.00 for a dress??!!

That is when I decided to take on the task of fashion coordinator and loved the results (think Layla did too)!

And to make it even better, some of the patterns were FREE on-line!

Dress #1 ~ my variation of Simplicity JO436 (at Joann's the patterns were on sale)

Dress #2 ~  Free pattern from http://agplaythings.com/AG%20Patterns/DollDressPatterns.html

 The last two are from Simplicity #1443

Here are a couple additional links to additional free on-line patterns that I plan to make:



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