March 12, 2015

Current Obsession - Farmhouse Rag Rugs

Hi there!  Today I thought I'd share a little purchase I made - which was intended to be repurposed into a wall hanging for my shop - that ended up becoming our kitchen rug.

I had planned to cut this vintage rug in half and make into two weavings,  but once it arrived I fell in love with the colors and imperfections in it.  And it fit perfectly in front of our kitchen sink.

A few weeks ago, I bought another super long rag rug runner, intending to use it in same way, but when it arrived I had second thoughts and now it's for sale in the vintage section of my shop.  If I had somewhere to put it I would totally be keeping it!

I love the worn look of these rugs and that colors are muted in some spots and bright in others.  There are also a lot of prints running through the rugs which makes them more special and unique.

They are soft underfoot and make any space feel a little bit more cozy - at least they do here!

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