April 3, 2015

Happy Weekend and a Few Other Things

This week completely got away from me!  Sorry for the lack of posts here but between getting ready for Layla's birthday on Saturday and hosting family this weekend I just didn't have time to get a proper post up yesterday.  So today (late today) I thought I's share that today we finally dyed eggs and made the flowers above with the egg carton and paint...I saw something on Pinterest about these awhile ago but didn't really follow a tutorial to make them...just cut, shape, paint and glue - pretty easy and cute!  Thinking about using these on the food tables this weekend!

I also finally got around to creating a vintage shop on Etsy, Hadley Boo Vintage.  It only has a few listings (transferred from Layla Lou Studio) but I'm excited to start adding to it.  Having a shop exclusively for vintage items has been something I have wanted to for awhile since I love hunting for vintage pieces but don't always have a place to put them!

Well I hope you all have a great weekend, I'll be back here and there next week (Spring Break for the kids) since we'll be traveling up to NJ to see how the shore house is progressing - cannot wait!


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