May 9, 2016

An Appliqued "Home" Pillow DIY

I have been looking for a lumbar pillow to accent my brown leather sofa ~ without success!  My only solution was to create my own.  The process was extremely simple, and the results were just what I wanted!

Supplies for an 16" x 26" envelope backed pillow:

17" x 27" ~ 1 piece for front~ cotton fabric (I used Michael Miller's Soft White Cotton)
17" x 17 1/2" ~ 2 pieces for back ~ cotton fabric
1/4 yard piece of colored cotton ( I used black)
"Home" template 1
              template 2
Heat n Bond Ultrahold
16" x 26" pillow insert

Pillow front:
Print both sections of the "home" template
Trace the "home" template following the directions on the back of the Heat n Bond package
    The template is in reverse letter order.  Don't change!
    Since the script is on 2 separate pages, be careful to line up the letters evenly overlapping the "o"
       and the "m"

Iron the letters to the back of your colored cotton fabric, allow to cool, and cut out.
Peel off the paper liner.
Center the "home" on the 17" x 27" fabric piece, press until it securely attaches.
Using a zig zag or blanket stitch, sew around each letter.

Pillow back:
Turn under 1/2" along the width of one of the back pieces (17" side) Press.

Turn under an additional 1 1/2" and press.

Repeat for the remaining back piece.
Topstitch along the folded edges.

With right sides together, line up your two back pieces on top of the front piece overlapping the folded edges.

Pin, and sew a 1/2" seam around the entire rectangle ~ sew slowly and carefully where the fabrics overlap.

Clip corners, and turn right-side out.  I use a chop stick to push out the corners.

Press, and add your insert ~ and you have a beautiful new accent pillow!

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