April 28, 2015

Wreath Season by Season - Spring 2015 Edition

Hi! Its been awhile since I've posted in our wreath series and since I finally got around to updating ours last week I thought I'd share my latest creation. 

I started with the same Styrofoam base, white and green yarn and a few sheets of felt.

 To make the flowers I cut one large circle out the felt for the base and then cute 5-6 smaller circles for the petals.  I simply folded the smaller ones in half and hot glued the inside and outside of the fold.  I (loosely) used this tutorial.  I repeated this with all each color of felt until there was nothing but scraps left.  And I used those scraps to make the inside of the each flower. 

I also cut out a few leaves to add in underneath the flowers.

Yay Spring!!

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