April 24, 2015

Playroom Do Over Part 2

Hi and happy Friday!!  As promised, I'm following up part one of our playroom makeover with part two - crazy right: )  Taking on this side of the playroom (back towards Scott's gym and sliders) I faced the same issues - wood paneling and no continuity.  And I fixed it in the same way - with white paint and simplifying the decor!

Here is what the space looked like four years (pre move in):

And two years ago:

And now:

During the first makeover, two years ago, I wanted to use this part of the basement as a place where the girls could work on crafts or draw.  But that never happened and we already have a large art area upstairs for that.  So this space was mostly unused.  Fast forward two years, now both Layla and Hadley are super into dress-up and princesses and this is the most popular place in the whole house!
Before (two years ago):

Last year, I bought a bunch of large ceramic feather hooks from Anthropologie and just knew they would be perfect for hanging fancy dresses!  They were originally white so I painted them the same mint green I used throughout the playroom and hung them with 3M Velcro strips.
I made the glittery gold dots of scrapbook paper from Michaels and circle punch.  I also added a strip of the glitter paper to the front of a wood hanger to hang the little saying above. 

I also switched around the built-ins on the opposite wall.

Before (two years ago):


Scott has amassed a large amount of this childhood toys that have been, until recently, stored away.  Since I now have a larger space for most of my craft supplies I decided to switch shelves and display his things on the large of the two built-ins. Just made more sense! 

Before (two years ago):


So that's the new and improved playroom!  Hoping I'll stay in love with the colors and layout this time around and that the girls spend a lot of time down here enjoying it!


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