March 5, 2013

Updated Art Wall

Hello! As you saw last week, I have been working on the kid's library/living room a lot lately.  And I'm finally sharing the an update I made a few months ago to the wall above Layla and Hadley's craft table that hadn't photographed until now.

A makeshift table, Layla's craft projects hastily taped up on the wall...mismatched chairs - yuck!

New table, cute pink chairs, a little more art but still hastily stuck up on the wall. Looking better though.

Framed artwork and a spot for all those crayons (more on that later this week)!

I love showcasing the girls' art and these Target frames are perfect for it.  They have plastic fronts (no glass - means no breaking), they open and have a pocket to store more art inside which makes switching out the latest masterpiece super easy. 

The frame Layla received as a gift for her birthday last year was white, but since then all I have seen in store are black and since black didn't go with this room I spray painted all of these frames with the leftover oil rubbed bronze from this project.   As the curator of this ever-changing gallery I am very happy with how it looks now!

I'll post about the DIY crayon holder that Layla made on Thursday!

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