October 6, 2011

Easy Tattered Fabric Flowers

On the canvas fabric art that I made for Monday, I used two fabric flowers ~ one with a smooth folded edge, and one with a tattered edge. 

For both flowers, cut a strip of fabric 2 1/2" x 45" (a jelly roll strip is perfect ~ no cutting necessary
Fold both short edges making a 1/2" hem and iron.  Then fold the fabric strip lengthwise in half and iron.

This is where the look of the two flowers will change.  If you want a tattered flower, make a basting stitch along the folded edge. 
If you want a smooth flower, make the basting stitch along the rough edge.  You can baste by hand (as I did in my ribbon flower) or machine baste with a long stitch.

I basted along the folded edge for a tattered flower look.

 Now you gently pull your thread.  As you do, your fabric will gather.  

Begin rolling the fabric to  make the center of your flower. 

Continue rolling around the center making the outside layers a little looser.

Pull some of the fabric threads to give your flower a definite tattered look.
Tack the layers to one another as I did in the ribbon flower.

You can add a button to the center.

a fabric button kit works wells for the center

There are so many uses for fabric flowers, and they can be made in various sizes.  For a smaller flower, just reduce the length and width of your fabric strip.

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1 comment:

Kanelstrand said...

Easy they are, but also soo attractive! Beautiful textile flowers indeed!

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