March 19, 2012

Wreath Season by Season - Spring Edition

Spring might not be here quite yet but it is definitely in the air! After a week of 70+ temperatures I decided to replace our wintry wreath with this brighter more Springy one.

You might remember the pom trim that hung over  the crib in Hadley's nursery "sneak peek".  Well, after I decided not use it I snipped all the poms off of the trim and used them to make my own multi-colored garland to hang on the wall and on the fabric canvas that is now above her crib.

I kept the trim, figuring I could use it for something eventually.  It turned out that these pieces were the perfect colors to go with the crochet flowers I bought on Etsy a few months ago.  I had originally planned to use these in Hadley's nursery too but never did.

I just wrapped the trim around the wreath and tucked a few of the crochet flowers under it.   I doubled the flowers up in a few spots to make it a little less uniform.

YAY for Spring! Pin It

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