March 6, 2013

DIY Crayon Holder

Hello there!  I mentioned here that once the craft table area was finally complete we needed some crayon storage - badly!  It makes me so happy that both of my girls love to draw and scribble on this table (and sometimes the walls - well actually this doesn't make me too happy!) so I wanted to make sure there was a place to keep the dozens (and dozens) of crayons contained - at least when they're not in the room.
If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you have probably noticed that I LOVE to re-use or re-purpose things.  It makes me happy to put something that has already been used once to work again and that's where our love of clementines comes in.
I have seen great posts for reusing clementine crates for everything from doll beds to herb gardens. All you have to do is search Pinterest and you'll find a bunch of super creative ideas.

So, one night Layla and I got work decorating our last clementine crate of the season and made this:


I cut different shapes out of the gold dots left over from my powder room wall project and she stuck them on and then colored in around them.  Love the color blocking technique she used: )


Once she was finished I lined the bottom of the crate with a piece of scrapbook paper from my ever-growing stash and filled up three pails (all from Target's dollar section) with the crayons.

Easy, free and fun project!

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